Teaching Portfolio


LL 095: Basic Writing

LL 101: Composition I

LL 102: Composition II

LL 151: Introduction to Literature

LL 159: Literature and the Liberal Arts

LL 240: Grammar and Language Studies

LL 289: Native American Literature

LL 289: American Immigrant Literature

LL289: Contemporary African American Literature

LL289: Hawthorne, Melville, and Cormac McCarthy

LL 315: Advanced Composition

LL 319: Research and Integrity in Writing

LL 356: Young Adult Literature

LL 357: Advanced Editing Workshop

LL 366: American Literature I

LL 367: American Literature II

LL 455: History of the Novel in English


ENG 1302: Thinking and Writing

ENG 1304: Thinking, Writing, and Research 

ENG 2301: British Literature 

ENG 2304: American Literature

LDS 2301: Vocation Specific Leadership

BIC 2334: World Cultures III: The Modern World

HON 3200: Honors Colloquium


  • Dr. Griffis has a passion for literature and it shows in her teaching style. She is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable in the subject. She is well prepared for each class. Her insights and her use of well thought out, prepared questions stimulate discussion in the classroom and consideration of multiple viewpoints.
  • Professor Griffis has helped beyond the point I thought I could be helped. Taking her course has inspired me. I am even going to change my major/minor. A life changing course that I beyond enjoyed. Everyone in the class was active and participated in discussion because of how well everything was organized and can even be considered fun. A great experience, thankful for her!
  • I really love how the instructor brings in cultural issues into class discussions. Instead of just talking about the past and the time that these writings were created in, we talk about how we can learn from it today and apply it to things happening in our world today.

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