Sentences from Howards End

On Friday, I’ll finish Howards End with my British literature students. I’m planning a lesson that involves looking at several of Forster’s lovely,  often understated sentences:

One may as well begin with Helen’s letters to her sister. (5)

We never discuss anything at Howards End. (58)

But the proposal was not to rank among the world’s greatest love scenes. (119)

If Margaret wanted to jump from a motor-car, she jumped; if Tibby thought paddling would benefit his ankles, he paddled; if a clerk desired adventure, he took a walk in the dark. (156)

But he thought she was acting. He thought he was trapped. He saw his whole life crumbling. (166)

It was not true repentance. (175)

It was the crisis of his life. (217)

It was against all reason that he should be punished, but the law, being made in his image, sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment. Then Henry’s fortress gave way. (217)


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